MicroSauber – terry towels (set of 4)


The MicroSauber terry cloth helps to ensure thorough cleanliness in your home.

Cleaning is much easier, faster and chemical-free! The micro-fine fibers loosen and bind dirt particles even from the tiniest surface pores. The surface is thoroughly cleaned in just one wiping process and remains streak-free even without subsequent wiping. Smooth surfaces can be easily cleaned without the use of harsh chemical cleaning agents – only with water.



MicroSauber – cleaning wipes

Easy cleaning without chemicals

high quality microfiber from Austria
Save time – protect the environment – sparkling clean

With our MicroClean cloths, you can effortlessly ensure thorough cleanliness in an environmentally friendly manner. Clean easier, faster and without chemicals!

The MicroSauber terry cloth is made of 100 % synthetic material and, thanks to the special manufacturing process, ensures that it absorbs 60 % more dust and dirt than conventional microfibres with cotton.

Why is it so important to follow the care instructions of the MicroSauber cleaning cloth?2020-10-08T15:37:17+02:00

Bleach damages the microfibers severely.
Fabric softeners coat the fine microfibers.

Chemical residues from fabric softener cause cleaning streaks.
When washed without a laundry net, the fibers absorb washed-out dirt particles and tiny lint from other laundry items. For this reason, drying in a tumble dryer is not recommended.
In the intense heat of the tumble dryer or for example on still warm glass ceramic fields the MicroSauber fibers can stick together and lose their ability to absorb dirt.

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The MicroSauber fiber consists of two polymers (polyamide and polyester). The individual fibers are splitted 11 times. This splitting and the specially developed high-technology finishing process lead to a multiple enlargement surface and thus an extraordinarily high cleaning and suction power.

Wet cleaning with the MicroSauber fiber works by the principle of capillary suction. This breaks the water tension, which would otherwise require the use of cleaning chemicals. The special manufacturing process increases the surface of the fiber by up to 60 % which allows the fiber to absorb 4 – 5 times more water than its own weight.

To maintain the high cleaning function and the long durability of the MicroSauber fiber please follow the care instructions carefully:

  • Wash in washing machine before first use
  • Optimal washing temperature is 40 – 60 ° C (104 – 140 °F)
  • Always put in a laundry net for washing
  • Do not use fabric softeners or bleach
  • Do not tumble dry or iron


Use damp or wet for cleaning

  • smooth and hard surfaces in your home
  • Kitchen and work surfaces
  • Bathroom and sanitary area
  • Tables, shelves, devices, plastics

Product features:

  • Size: approx. 35 x 35 cm
  • Machine wash, optimal washing temperature of 40 – 60 ° C (104 – 140 °F) in a laundry net, no fabric softener, no bleach
  • Very high suction power, dirt and water absorption
  • high quality
  • 100 % microfibre

Packaging unit:

  • Set: 4 cloths (2 in yellow, 2 in pink)

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100% Mikrofaser

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